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Hotels in Tapola
Hotels in Tapola

Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism Centre

An Agrotourism centre to the very essence of the term Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism Centre - Tapola is an off beat resort offering an alternative holiday experience.

Keeping aside the technicalities of the term, agrotourism is a concept that brings back the idea of 'native place' back to the urban souls fettered in the concrete jungles. Enjoy some fresh air away from the cities in a rustic locale and experience the simplicity of the rural life style first hand!

Take some time out to enjoy the gentle breeze of dawn laden with the fragrance of the land, feel the morning dew, take a walk in the farms, listen to the chirping of the birds, go for swim in the evening and gaze at the thousands of stars on a beautiful moonlit night while enjoying a barbeque and campfire. You can do all this and lots more at

Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism Centre

About Us

Located in Tapola near Mahabaleshwar Sakha Niwas is an agrotourism centre different from any other resorts in Tapola or Tapola hotels. We dont just offer an accommodation option but a completely different holiday experience.


Accommodation in Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism centre is arranged in clean cottage rooms with a rustic charm. We also have a huge dormitory to accommodate large groups. The cottages enjoy a panoramic view of the Shivsagar lake.


Although we keep our resort as simple as possible we ensure a comfortable stay for you while you are in Tapola. We provide spacious rooms, clean toilets, comfortable beds, 24 hour running hot and cold water and 24 hour room service.

Activities at Sakha Niwas

There is a wide array of activities that awaits you at Sakha Niwas - Tapola. Our speciality is boating and rafting in Koyna back waters. You can also try your hand at fishing and also go swimming with life jackets. Mud bath is another unique feature of Sakha Niwas - Tapola. Far more relaxing than a spa treatment, enjoy natural healing powers of mud bath only at Sakha Niwas - Tapola

Most of the activities at Sakha Niwas - Tapola are organized with the help of local villagers. Enjoy a visit to the farm and also pick farm fresh strawberries yourselves and enjoy the true taste of the fruit! You are also welcome to participate in the day to day activities of the farm like milking the cow, feeding them or just take tour of our crop, vegetable and fruit farm.

Thanks to the remote rural milieu around Sakha Niwas - Tapola you can see real villages from close quarters. Visit the local village school and temple and also enjoy hikes in the rustic surroundings. Surrounded by green hills and multitude of waterfalls during monsoons, Tapola is truely an ideal monsoon destination and also a trekkers paradise.

Tapola famously called the mini Kashmir of the west is a rustic hamlet with a magnificent lake - Shivsagar. Tapola is at the end of the road from Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is 25 kilometers away and the drive to Tapola is a picturesque one with vistas galore on either side of the road. Shivsagar Lake - a 90 km long water body is infact the reservoir of the Koyna dam.

About the Hosts

Uma and Vijay More moved back to Vijay’s ancestral home in 2012. As with most young farmers here, Vijay was sent to relatives in Bombay to be schooled and educated. He graduated and eventually set up his own printing press business there. His wife Uma is also from Bombay where they met in university and were later married. They craved the peaceful environment of their village amidst the dramatic Sahyadari mountains and undertook the tortuous bus journey to return home once every few weeks. This continued until Uma had an idea. Why not convert the village house they owned in the picturesque rural location into a business? They brought local villagers together and along with their own intimate knowledge of the surroundings set up Sakha Niwas - an agro tourism center true to its name and provide the urban folks a real rural experience. Today if 'Trip Advisor' reviews are any thing to go by, they successfully transformed Sakha niwas into to the No:1 stay option in Tapola.

MTDC Mahabhraman